"SCARRED" Africa's body art traditions

Nov 27, 2019    Anibal Bueno

On November 29 Last Places will participate at “SCARRED”, an impressive and innovative exhibition in London in which, through amazing photographs of five international visual artists (Trevor Cole, Eric Lafforgue, Nadine Ibrahim, Yusuff Aina, Aníbal Bueno and Hannah Longole), various ethnic groups in Africa are documented through body art as a cultural identity.

Body modifications such as scarifications, tattoos, piercings or paintings will be shown in more than thirty photographs in order to raise awareness about ancient cultural expressions that are slowly disappearing, raising questions about the tradition of African body modification and their relationship with the identity and origin of these societies.

During November 29, 30 and December 1, these photographs will be exhibitted, in addition to other activities included in the program, such as talks and presentations.

‘SCARRED’ is organised by Mãe Africa Development Initiative, a non-profit cultural enterprise with a mission to preserve Africa’s history and cultural heritage and support its social and economic development through the creative industries.