Cameroon: all of Africa in one sole country

Why Cameroon?

Cameroon is a paradise for the experienced traveler. Still very virgin, you can spend the whole trip without seeing groups of tourists, extremely varied (they call Cameroon ‘Africa in Miniature’), authentic and with some 'highlights' that deserve a trip there. Powerful cultural festival in the Western Highlands, nomadic Baka pygmies in the Eastern jungles, incredible white sand beaches in the South, and the last naked tribes in West-Central Africa in Northern Cameroon. Joan Riera, co-founder of Last Places spend part of his childhood in Cameroon and we can state that it is where ‘everything started’.

Cameroon’s main travel highlight is its natural and cultural diversity. Some of the greatest a less explored National Parks in Central Africa can be found in Cameroon.

When you travel to South Cameroon you can visit the following protected areas such as Lobeke National Park, one of Cameroon&rsq Read More


Also known as Kadam, Kompana, Beya, Ndamti, Vomni or Verre.

Population & Ecosystem
60.000 Koma is a relatively isolated hill-dwelling ethnic group in Faro DEpartment, in the Alantika Mountains, which shares a border with Nigeria.

Economy & Society
Hill-dwellers are spread through the south and southwest of these mountains, including many on the Nigerian side. There are 21 Koma villages in the Cameroonian side of the Alantika Mountains and 17 villages on the Nigerian side. Alantika means where ‘Allah hasn’t yet arrived’ in the Kanuri language. The explanation for this is the fact that the Koma tribal people living in the Alantika Mountains keep their Animistic religion and their ancient traditions despite being surrounded by Islamic societie Read More

Festivals of Cameroon             

The Ngoun Festival is held every second year in December. The Sultan-King of Bamoun is sitting on his ornate throne, framed by huge elephant tusks. On the page opposite (lower row) the guard's shield features a double headed serpent, which depicts the kingdom's continuing vigilance in keeping its enemies at bay in a two front war. The next photo is of local officials in their colorful regalia. The final photo shows the guards and guests in line with the Bamoun palace in the background.
Cameroon Gerewol                          &n Read More


Lobeke National Park is situated on the extreme southeast region of Cameroon. It covers a surface area of 1,838.55 km2. Lobeke forms part of the trans-boundary conservation initiative, known as Sangha River Tri-National Park, a priority landscape that includes Dzangha-Ndoki National Park in Central African Republic, and Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in Congo-Brazzaville. This protected area of primary forest is the largest undestroyed tropical forest in Africa, and the best place to observe Western lowland gorillas, forest elephants, red forest buffaloes, leopards, chimpanzees, and the endangered bongo, a beautiful orange antelope with white stripes.

This protected area is predominantly a semi-evergreen forest, most of which has never been logged. It is a forest characterized by an enormous variety of plants, with more than 300 species Read More
Tourist visa to travel to Cameroon
The tourist visa is mandatory to enter Cameroon. Last Places helps to process it.

Compulsory vaccinations in Cameroon
Yellow fever. Recommended prophylaxis against malaria.

Security in Cameroon
In general Cameroon is a safe country although you have to take precautions in big cities like Douala or Yaoundé and not drive at night as they can cross people or animals and cause an accident. In 2019 t Read More

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