Chad: Best Sahara and Gerewol

Why Chad?

Chad is a safe country today after decades of political instability. In fact, Chad stands today as the safest place in Africa where to experience real Sahara. For many desert experts, Ennedi is the Sahara’s best preserved area and the richest in diversity of ecosystems and rock paintings.
Chad, a country twice the size of France, has in the Ennedi Desert its jewel in the crown, but not the only one… Other Chadian deserts such as Borkou and Tibesti will delight any desert lover or adventure seeker. More, towards central Chad we have another major attraction. The Woodabe or Fula tribe with its seasonal Gerewol gatherings are becoming worldly renowned. The Chadian Gerewol has indeed a doses of authenticity that the Niger Gerewol has lost already due to commodification and the excess of tourism.

Other top attractions in Chad would be Zakouma National Park, in the South of the country, haven of the last herds of Ce Read More


Also known as Tubu, Toubou, or Goran.

Population & Ecosystem
50.000 Teda live between Tibesti Mountains and Ennedi Desert in northern Chad. Some groups live also in eastern Niger and southern Libya. Teda clans live nomadic or semi-nomadic lives moving from one oasis to another with their livestock.

Economy & Society
The Teda live either as nomadic herdsmen or as farmers near oases. Dates are a staple crop, and a variety of grains, legumes, and roots also are cultivated. Cattle, goats, donkeys, camels, and sheep are kept, and caravan trade is an important factor in the economy. In a few places, the Teda also mine salt and natron, a salt like substance which is essential in nearly all components of Teda life from medici Read More

Festivals of Chad

Chad Gerewol
The Gerewol also written Guerewol is an annual courtship ritual competition among the Wodaabe people of Chad. Young men dressed in elaborate ornamentation and made up in traditional face painting gather in lines to dance and sing, vying for the attentions of marriageable young women. The Gerewol occurs each year as the traditionally nomadic Wodaabe cattle herders gather at the southern edge of the Sahara before dispersing south on their dry season pastures.

At the end of the rainy season, end of September, the Wodaabe travel to Dourbali (Durbali) to participate at Read More
Zakouma National Park
Situated just south of the Sahara desert and above the fertile rainforest regions, Zakouma National Park is well positioned as the primary safe haven for Central and West African wildlife. Greater Zakouma Ecosystem covers an expansive 30.693 km2. This ecosystem, which is situated just south of the Sahara Desert and above the fertile rainforest regions, comprises of critical conservation areas for key species in Central Africa.

The main attractions of Zakouma National Park are the feeling of wild untamed ecosystem, the lack of overcrowded tourism, and its magnificent fauna:

Biggest elephant population in West-Central African savannah, now exceeding 550 individuals, the rare Kordofan giraffe (of which 50% of their global population is found in Zakouma), roan antelope and Lelwel’s hartebeest. The park’s buffalo population, reduced to about 220 animals in 1986, numbers over 10,000 today. In 2018, a part Read More
Chad Visa
A valid passport and a visa are required for travel to Chad. Applications for visas have to be made in advance in Paris. Last Places assists all travelers that need any type of help applying for the visa. We recommend that passports be valid for six months from date of arrival.

Vaccines and Travel Health
A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is essential for entry to Chad. Malaria is prevalent in the country. It is wise to take Malaria prophylaxis when travelling through Southern Chad. If you only travel to desert areas there are less chances of getting mal Read More

Chad: Ennedi, oasis y tribus

Viaje pionero por la República de Chad que combina naturaleza, etnografía e historia. El viaje transcurrirá por el desierto más bello del Sahara según muchos expertos en desiertos del mundo. El Ennedi es un gran museo al aire libre. Desde Ndjamena recorreremos oasis, ciudades caravaneras y zonas aisladas donde las arenas gobiernan. En estas tierras extremas se conservan pinturas rupestres que nos hablan de un Sahara verde y abundante. El nomadismo sigue vivo como en tiempos coloniales, Chad no deja indiferente, es una última frontera, bella, indómita y apasionante. El viaje estará acompañado por un experto en desiertos, naturaleza extrema y culturas nómadas. Inmersión al corazón del Sahara más virgen.

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