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The journey itinerary runs through the last virgin tropical forests of Cameroon, discovering the Bantu people and the Baka Pygmies who continue to live by hunting and gathering. Continue through the Faro Valley, territory of the Mbororo nomads, and the Vokre Mountains, refuge of the last Dupá animists.

This is a New Year's trip to Cameroon focused on ethnography, architecture, history and nature. We will live with different cultural realities, we will enjoy unique contrasts and we will live unique cultural experiences that do not appear in most circuits

Take advantage of New Year's Eve to discover an Africa different from the one the traveler may have already visited. If you want to know the detailed itinerary you can download it through the form that you will find below. Click here to easily reach the form.

The guide of the trip will be Abdoul Yaouba, Spanish speaking guide, expert on tribes of Cameroon. More information about the guide.

Architectural tour of Ngaoundéré

The city of Ngaoundéré maintains its old medieval atmosphere around the Lamido Palace (Sultanate), the old quarter, where some traditional adobe houses survive, and the old colonial market.

Unique cultural experiences with the ethnic groups of the Valle de Faro

Mbororo tribe
One of the most fascinating peoples in the region are undoubtedly the Mbororo, a nomadic livestock ethnic group that preserves its traditional culture as well as the custom of decorating the face and part of the body with beautiful and complex tattoos that mark social class, and marital status of which takes them.

Colonial architecture of the Germanic period

Dupá tribe
We will discover the architecture, sacred forests, and customs of the Dupás, who continue to cling to their ancestral way of life.

Colonial architecture of the Germanic period

We will pass through some towns of colonial origin where some buildings from the Germanic period (1884-1916) still remain.

Last clans of traditional Baka Pygmies

The Baka Pygmies of Cameroon have a special connection with the tropical forest and retain much of their animist culture. We will enjoy their polyphonic songs and the sacred dance Ejengi (spirit of the jungle) in this magical place in the middle of the jungle.

Take advantage of New Year's Eve to discover an Africa different from the one the traveler may have already visited. Click here to easily reach the itinerary download form.

Map of Cameroon

Below, you will find the map of Cameroon.

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