Set Departures

Set Departures

Route through the two most fascinating regions of Cameroon; the primary jungle area of the East and the Sahelian north. The trip has been de...
Dec 26, 2021
12 Days
Itinerary designed to visit the three ecosystems of South Sudan and its most traditional ethnic groups: Nile River, Lafit Mountains and Kapo...
Dec 27, 2021
13 Days
Ethiopia is the paradigm of cultural diversity and tradition. It is home to the most iconic communities in East Africa, and perhaps the enti...
Jan 09, 2022
11 Days
Photographic trip to the heart of Mali, one of the most interesting countries in West Africa. With the help of an expert photographer guide...
Jan 20, 2022
9 Days
In this third edition of the trip to Kenya, we would like to give it a new approach. Without abandoning the essence of the original ethnogra...
Jan 22, 2022
15 Days


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