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Set Departures

Travel to Ghana from 6 to 13 November 2021
Nov 06, 2021
8 Days
Travel to Ivory Coast from 14 to 21 November 2021
Nov 14, 2021
8 Days
Prospective photographic journey (this is a pioneer route) to the tribal heart of northern Nigerian. Aníbal Bueno will be the expert...
Nov 23, 2021
12 Days
Itinerary designed to discover the most fascinating regions of Sudan. We will start in the Nubian desert, following in the footsteps of anci...
Dec 10, 2021
14 Days
Mauritania is a wild land of spectacular deserts and sand blown historic towns, picturesque oases and nomads living in goat hair tents, ekin...
Dec 16, 2021
8 Days
Photographic trip to the heart of Mali, one of the most interesting countries in West Africa. With the help of an expert photographer guide...
Dec 18, 2021
9 Days


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