Set Departures

Set Departures

Mauritania is a wild land of spectacular deserts and sand blown historic towns, picturesque oases and nomads living in goat hair tents, ekin...
Dec 16, 2021
8 Days
Photographic trip to the heart of Mali, one of the most interesting countries in West Africa. With the help of an expert photographer guide...
Dec 18, 2021
9 Days
Ethnographic route through the Dorze Mountains and the Omo Valley + extension to the Lalibela World Heritage Site and the Danakil sulfur des...
Dec 20, 2021
22 Days
Gabon treasures an incredible biodiversity due to its abundant tropical forest (87% of its territory) where large concentrations of lowland...
Dec 26, 2021
12 Days
Itinerary designed to visit the three ecosystems of South Sudan and its most traditional ethnic groups: Nile River, Lafit Mountains and Kapo...
Dec 27, 2021
13 Days
Ethno-photographic trip to Ilemi Triangle in southeastern South Sudan, on the border with Kenya and also with Ethiopia.
Jan 07, 2022
11 Days


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