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Last Tribes of Angola

Last Tribes of Angola is the first book in the Last Tribes collection that dives into the last “islands of cultural resistance” on the planet.
This visual guide is designed to bring us closer to the reality of the various cultural groups in Angola with their own worldview. It presents each of the tribes in an updated way and looks for realistic formulas so that these last peoples can preserve their unique way of life. Written in both English and Spanish, and enriched with a wealth of photographs, illustrations and maps, the book is a unique visual guide to the most remote tribes in southwestern Angola.

The work begins by presenting the sixteen tribes on the map of the region. Then the three socioeconomic groups are successively introduced: hunter-gatherers, semi-nomadic ranchers and farmers. In the analysis of each of the tribes, the authors discover through images and rich illustrations the territory they inhabit, their way of life, their beliefs and their aesthetics. To conclude, the challenges they currently face as cultural minorities, the threats that hang over them and realistic formulas that allow them to protect their culture and territory are analyzed.


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