Tribal trip to Ethiopia: Omo Valley Tribes

meeting with Mursi people woman during tribal trip to southern Ethiopia I encuentro con mujer del pueblo mursi durante viaje tribal al sur de Etiopia

This tribal trip to Ethiopia is a must for lovers of tribes. In the Omo Valley, you can find the highest concentration of diverse ethnic groups in Ethiopia. The resistance to the Italian colonization and the natural refuge that constitutes its geographic surroundings provided the tribes of the zone an isolation in front of the […]

Trip to Uganda: Traditional Tribes of the Karamoja Region

meeting with Jiye tribe woman during trip to Uganda I encuentro con mujer tribu jiye durante viaje a Uganda

An essential trip to Uganda for lovers of traditional tribes. Our objective will be to meet the traditional communities of the tribes that live in the Karamoja region, located in eastern Uganda. We will learn about the cultures of the Sebei, Teso, Pokot, Karamojong, Tepeth, Jiye and Ik tribes. Although this trip to Uganda is […]

Trip to Madagascar: Ethnic groups and nature

meeting with Betsileo people during trip to Madagascar I encuentro con pueblo betsileo durante viaje a Madagascar

Last Places’ team of anthropologists and travel experts has designed a unique trip to Madagascar that focuses on most interesting tribal groups, such as the Zafimaniry, Mikea and Vezo. During the trip, we will also visit several natural areas to get a global idea of the island. In addition, we will have the opportunity to […]