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30 March - 07 April

Trip to Siberia: Coexistence with the Nenets

During this trip to Siberia, we will coexist with the nomad Nenets, learn about their culture and share daily activities.

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15 November - 29 November

Trip to Pakistan in search of historical cities, archeology and tribal minorities

During this trip to Pakistan we will visit places away from the tourist circuits without neglecting the iconic onees such as the Mughal Fort or the Sufi Sanctuaries. We will follow the trace of ancient cultures as well as the Pashtun, Gandhara, Mughal, Mohana and Gypsy ethnic groups.

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15 August - 30 August

Ethno-photographic trip to Angola designed to get to know the tribes of the remote southwest of the country. We will live with the different ethnic groups and thus be able to photograph all their beauty.

Ethno-photographic trip to Angola through the remote southwest of the country. Our goal is to live with different ethnic groups and photograph all its beauty.

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15 October - 24 October

Route through the Ennedi desert

Travel-expedition through one of the most beautiful deserts on the planet and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The route has a strong ethnographic and nature component.

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05 September - 14 September

Route through the wildest region of southern Ethiopia

Route through the wildest region of southern Ethiopia. Our goal is the people who inhabit these lands. We will meet many of the most mythical groups of this country such as the Hamer and Mursi. We will move through these lands and camp in the villages to be able to live with the ethnic groups.

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23 November - 28 November

Migration trip with the Nenets through the Yamal Peninsula (Siberia)

Trip in which we will accompany the Nenets in their migration through the Yamal Peninsula (Siberia). We will share their daily life and delve into the culture of these nomadic reindeer herders.

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