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We will visit the main national parks of Uganda and enjoy its great diversity of fauna and flora. The great apes will have a special role on this trip: mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, whom we will have the opportunity to see in total freedom. We will also delve into the Ugandan culture, getting to know the Batwa pygmy community and their adaptation to the changes they have been undergoing.

Visit of the main national parks of Uganda

Murchison N. P.
Safari to observe the wealth of fauna and flora that it offers us. We will go in search of elephants, giraffes, lions, dozens of species of ungulates, primates, and perhaps we will meet a leopard. We will also take a boat ride on the river, until we reach the famous Murchison Falls.

Kibaale N. P.
We will visit a beautiful place where inactive crater lake formations abound. We will do a trekking in search of chimpanzees in freedom. We will try to see the chimpanzees come out of the nests before doing the rest of their daily tasks.

Queen Elizabeth N. P.
The jewel in the crown of safaris in this area of Africa, with nearly 2,000 km2 of extension. We will make a safari where we will be able to observe: elephants, lions, buffalo, antelopes, crocodiles, hyenas, wild boars, zebras, gazelles, lizards and insects will complete the panorama. We will take a boat and go through the Kazinga channel, where the variety of birds is amazing and the concentration of hippos is the largest in the world.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Batwa Pygmies
We will visit the Batwa pygmy community, a group that has inhabited this jungle for centuries, now declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Mountain gorillas
The forest is home to the largest number of mountain gorillas in Uganda. We will embark on a walk that will take us to meet a group of mountain gorillas in total freedom, being able to see them a few meters away in their natural habitat. A unique experience!

Map of Uganda

Below, you will find the map of Uganda.

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