Nigeria: african cultural treasure

Why Nigeria?

When we did our first prospective visit to Nigeria back in 2008 I must confess that all the Last Places team was a bit nervous. We knew well Nigeria’s neighboring countries; Cameroon, Benin, and Niger, but none of us had visited Nigeria before and all the stories we had heard where not pushing us to propose Nigeria as one of Middle-Africa’s travel destinations. But once again, our curiosity, faith in unexplored territories, and the belief that Nigeria was much more than what TV used to show about this African Nation, made us go for it, and here we are, presenting a web page, specialized in travel information about Nigeria and inviting you to discover this wonderful country with us. Nigeria is certainly a challenging destination for first-timers to Africa, but with a good guide and a good car you can have a great time and discover spectacular places tha Read More


Also known as Kambari or Tsishingini.

Population & Ecosystem
150.000 Kamberi live in the fertile forested plains of Kebbi and Niger States.

Economy & Society
The Kamberi are farmers growing millet, guinea-corn, groundnuts and yams.

They are grouped into three tribes all speaking different dialects; Tsishingini, Tsikimba and Cishingini. Not all the dialects are mutually intelligible. Many Kamberi people have a negative attitude to modern ways. The elite class among the Kamberi feel that the traditional authorities have not approached this well and the authorities blame the Islamized and Hausa elite for failing to cooperate with them. The authorities have tried by gifts and decrees to get the Kamberi to conform to the national culture, but this has been misunderstood and suspected because the aut Read More

Festivals of Nigeria                                                            

Yoruba Festivals (Southwest)

Eyo Festival
Annually performed in May on Lagos Island, the whole of Carter Bridge to Tinubu Square is closed for the Eyo parade. This festival in Nigeria is a cultural display of the Isale Ekpo people and has, over time, garnered fame among tourists for the masquerade displays of head-to-toe white costumes. These costumes represent the spirit of the dead (Egungun in Yoruba language). 

Osun Festival                                     Read More
Cross River National Park
Cross River National Park is the largest area of undisturbed rainforest in Nigeria, and has been described as the Amazon of Nigeria; it seemingly goes on forever, over into Cameroon. The park is spectacularly beautiful, with green, rainforest-cloaked mountains and enormous trees. It is split into two parts, the Oban Division and the Okwangwo Division (that also includes parts of the Obudu Plateau), which are approximately 40km apart on either side of the Cross River to the north of Calabar.  The park covers approximately 4,000km² of Cross River State and the terrain is tough, with hilly escarpments, steep valleys and peaks that generally rise higher than the surrounding deep forest, some of which reach nearly 1,000m.

These rainforests are some of the oldest and richest in the whole of Africa, and many reports written by biologists, going as far back as the 1920s, emphasise the extreme biological richness of the Read More
Nigeria Visa
A valid passport and a visa are required for travel to Nigeria. Applications for visas have to be made in advance in the travelers’ home country. Last Places assists all travelers that need any type of help applying for the visa at the embassy. We recommend that passports be valid for six months from date of arrival.

Vaccines and Travel Health
A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is essential for entry to Angola. Malaria is prevalent in the country. It is wise to take Malaria prophylaxis when travelling through Nigeria. Water supply is uns Read More

Nigeria: trip to the Total Africa

Ocasión única para visitar uno de los países más fascinantes y desconocidos de África Occidental. Con 200 millones de habitantes Nigeria es un regalo para los amantes de la cultura, la historia y de los destinos poco masificados. El viaje, diseñado y guiado por Joan Riera, gran conocedor del país y especialista en sociedades animistas africanas.

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Nigeria: deep into the unknown Africa

Nigeria is Africa’s most culturally diverse country, with more than 500 languages being spoken. It is also Africa’s most populated countries, with almost 200 million inhabitants. With these two headlines, the destination creates big expectations. Nigeria always captivates, surprises the traveller… that person looking for tradition, modernity adapted to the local reality, contrasts. We like to call it Africa’s biggest secrets, and we would like to keep it this way to keep us enchanted.

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