Niger is the poorest country in Africa and certainly in the world. Nigerien women continue to give birth to an average of 7 children despite the fact that there is less and less water and therefore less food.
Tied hand and foot by the old metropolis, France, Niger with its open-pit uranium mine in Arlit (in the middle of the Sahara) allows France to illuminate its cities and industries.
Prisoner of its history, Niger appears to us in its suffering reality as a fascinating Last Place with adobe cities stopped in time. Impossible oasis like that of Bilma between giant dunes and unique fauna like the white Nigerien giraffes that survive east of Niamey. Niger is still a new destination despite the fact that the Gerewol Festival put it in the collective imagination 4 decades ago. and that's why we like it so much.

The great highlights of Niger are:


The historical and architectural jewel of Niger is the sleepy city of Zinder. Streets with a medieval atmosphere, a royal palace, Hausa-style houses beautifully decorated with classic reliefs and crowned with cow horns (totemic animal of the Hausa). Zinder was the first colonial capital of French Niger.


Perhaps the most popular tribal ceremony in Africa held between Tahoua and Agadez every September.


Along with the Gerewol, other Fulani clans (a group to which the Woodabes belong), we find the Sharó ceremony, where once again young men must show their masculinity. In this case they must undergo brutal whipping and show no pain.


Large Saharan city with a spectacular Sudanese-style mosque. Desert gate.

Aïr and Ténéré

One of the most beautiful deserts in the Great Sahara: Aïr mountains with cave paintings and engravings, Tamachek world (the mythical Tuaregs), oases and beautiful dune landscapes in the Ténéré.


Last redoubt of the endangered Nigerian giraffe or western giraffe.

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