Contrast between the super-populated Ganges Delta with the mountain tribes

The mountain tribe of the Mru was the excuse for the Last Places team to immerse themselves in the bowels of this great little Asian country. Entering through Dhaka is in itself a powerful experience and one that is worth living. A city that is flooded every year with rain and with peasants who emigrate from the countryside in search of an economic improvement. Dhaka is a human chaos that has its own poetic discourse. Then there is Chittagong, the second city in the country, more orderly but also more rogue, with macro-brothels and the largest open-air scrap yards of large ships in the world. Chittagong is also the gateway to tribal, Mongoloid, and non-Islamized Bangladesh.

The contrast between the super-populated Ganges Delta, full of small, bearded, dark and Islamized people with the mountain tribes, still naked, with jet black hair and yellowish complexion is brutal and within this contrast we move in Last Places to offer a unique bengali experience .

Tribes and Tigers

MRU TRIBE. The forested hills bordering Burma and India are home to some of the most fascinating tribes in Asia. The Mru stand out, a naked and aimist people who live as in the old days. Their world is a Last Place. Along with the Mru, several traditional ethnic groups continue to inhabit this mountainous region east of Chittagong.

SUNDARBANS. The last Bengal tigers and villages of fishermen who live in a traditional way take refuge in the Ganges River Delta.

Cities that are a world

DHAKA. A whole world in one city. The beauty of the most extreme urban life in Asia. Letting yourself be carried away by the human mass, the struggle for life and hope; that's Dhaka.

CHITTAGONG. Second Bengali city and economic capital of the country. Huge shipyards and giant scrap yards of large abandoned ships, popular downtown vibe and gateway to the Chittagong Tribal Mountains.

Historical heritage

Between Dhaka and Chittagong we discover a rich architectural heritage from different centuries. We are talking about historical places like Paharpur, Gaur, Bagerhat, and Sonargaon.

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