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The Republic of Mali, the eighth largest country in Africa, is a nation marked by its orography. This region presents a remarkable gradient of ecosystems that go from the desert north to the green and fertile south region, bathed by the Niger River. A river so brutally full of life that it seems the main highway of the country: people fishing, people sewing nets, people eating around bonfires, people swimming across the river. The economic structure of this West African country is based on agriculture and fishing, and its strategic importance made it the seat of the three historical empires of the region: the Empire of Ghana, the Empire of Mali and the Songhay Empire. Other notable aspects of Mali are its peculiar vernacular architecture based on adobe bricks, the nomadic group of the Fulani and the enigmatic Dogon people.

Nomadic and enigmatic peoples

The nomadic group of the Fulani stand out, which populate a large part of the Sahel, and of course the Dogon people, one of the most enigmatic tribal groups in sub-Saharan Africa, which with its rugged settlements next to the Bandiagara fault, its mysterious masked dances, his animistic medicine and shamanic mythology, have attracted the attention of most anthropologists.

Summit of Sudanese architecture

The city of Djenné is a historical religious and commercial enclave located in the Niger Delta and founded in the 9th century, with an architectural style based on adobe bricks. Djenné is home to the largest mud mosque in the world.

Featured ecosystem gradient

Mali has a remarkable gradient of ecosystems, from the majestic Sahara desert -which serves as the country's northern border- passing through the arid areas of the Sahel, to the green and fertile southern region, bathed by the colossal Niger River.

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