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Overpopulated, unknown, without tourism, with great potential, an overwhelming historical, artistic, and architectural heritage; All in all, Pakistan is a fascinating mine of things to discover. It is home to iconic places such as the thousand-year-old city of Peshawar, the Mughal fort of Lahore, the ruins of the Ghandara Kingdom near Islamabad or the Hunza Valley, in the heart of the Himalayas. The country has been closed to the world for decades and this has allowed some tribes to continue to live on the fringes of the dominant society. Groups of nomadic gypsies move freely through the Punjab. Following the mythical Karakorum mountain road that leads to the isolated Nuristan, "land of light", we find small kingdoms anchored in time and with spectacular landscapes. Two of these fascinating peoples with animistic heritage are the Brokpas and the Kalashas, who are said to be the descendants of Alexander the Great because of their Caucasian features, fair complexions, and light eyes.

Unknown animist ethnic groups in the Himalayan mountains

The Hunza Valley is the last enclave where the animist religion is preserved in this region of Asia. We find ethnic groups such as the Brokpas and the Kalash. The latter worship wild mountain animals such as the Himalayan mouflon.

Great stylistic diversity of architectural constructions

Pakistani architecture is a mixture of different types of traditional architecture: Harappan, Gandharan, Hindu, Jain, and Indo-Islamic.

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