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Located below the Equator and just above Australia, Papua New Guinea is the second largest island in the world. With over 600 tribes speaking over 800 languages, Papua New Guinea's richness and diversity surpasses anything you could have ever imagined.
Papua New Guinea offers nature in its widest expression, from stunning landscapes to endemic flora and fauna. It has deep and infinite tropical forests, virgin valleys in the Highlands, the highest peaks in Oceania and an infinity of great rivers that meander for hundreds of kilometers until they flow into immense marshes. In addition to the main island, Papua New Guinea is made up of more than 600 other islands, some with roaring volcanoes, others with coral, practically at sea level. And each of these ecosystems is home to a large number of tribes, each with its unique and distinct ancestral cultures.

Papua New Guinea is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the most genuine cultural trips. The Last Places proposals are integrated into the lives of the people and places we visit: their traditions, customs and dances, their daily life, their territories and their rich nature. And given the size and diversity of the country, we can arrange any trip combination in Papua New Guinea based on the interests of the visitor and the time available. Each of its countless micro-regions offers a unique set of these cultural riches.

First-time visitors to Papua New Guinea will typically want to discover the remote tribes of the Highland Valley, explore the cultures upstream of the Sepik River, or sail from Milne Bay to the countless coral islands that surround it like a constellation.

Last Places is especially focused on offering unique experiences with tribes and off-the-beaten-path places where visitors are greeted with joy and invited to share their genuine lifestyle. Places like the infinite paths and mouths of the Sepik, Fly or Ramu rivers, the Tufi peninsula, the islands of New Britain and New Ireland, or Bougainville itself, to touch the Solomon Islands. And within each place, discover at every moment a diversity of tribes, languages, cultures, traditions and exuberant nature.
It is for all this that it is known as Papua New Guinea, "The Land of the Unexpected".

Tribes, culture and traditions

With more than 600 tribes and 800 languages, the richness of its ancient cultures offers a unique experience for those who wish to enjoy a completely new paradigm in cultural travel.

Virgin ecosystems

There is no place like this in the world: deep rainforests, endless meandering rivers, pristine shores, hundreds of islands in coral seas, roaring volcanoes, challenging mountain ranges, remote valleys.

Architecture, masks and crafts

In Papua New Guinea you will find the most brilliant artistic expressions we can imagine: the impressive Haus Tambaran in the Sepik River area, the traditional masks and shields of all the tribes or the delicate crafts used as gifts and bride price.

The bird's paradise

Papua New Guinea's variety of habitats and climates, along with a lack of predatory animals, favors a unique and thriving bird population, as well as many other endemic animal species and flora. This makes it one of the territories with the most endemic species in the world.

Leisure and relax

After the emotions of the encounters with the tribes and their spectacular territories comes time for leisure and relaxation. Papua New Guinea is in the center of the Coral Sea and no one wants to give up canoeing, diving into its crystal clear waters, fishing or going to discover the innumerable wrecks and planes that remain there as a witness to the din of the Battle of the Pacific in the Second World War.

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