Nature, ethnicity and colonial heritage

A quiet contrast to its giant neighbor, the Republic of Congo is a good destination for nature and for living with indigenous jungle peoples such as the Babongo Pygmies near the Atlantic coast, the Baka Pygmies from the north and the Vili Bantu of the Kouilou River. Safe and quiet country allows the traveler to explore Brazzaville, its mythical rue de la Joie with its elegant and picturesque 'dandies', the Sapeurs de Brazza (more classic than its Kinshasa neighbors) and drive to Dolisié, a small railway town standing still in time. with interesting colonial French buildings to immerse ourselves in the jungle mountains of Mayombe and reach the sea, where the vibrant Pointe Noire is located. From the oil capital we can explore the Kingdom of Loango, one of the main slavery centers on the African Atlantic coast, and the mysterious Kouilou River and reach Kakamoeka, refuge of the Babongo pygmies, one of the oldest peoples in Africa.

Lush jungle nature

ODZALA and NOUABALÉ NDOKI. Primary jungle with a large amount of fauna to observe; chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas, jungle elephant, red buffalo, bongo, red-tailed gray parrot, mangabeys, and pangolins.

MAYOMBE JUNGLE. Mountains covered with mist and primary forest between Dolisié, a colonial city and the Atlantic Ocean.

TELÉ LAKE. A ‘last place’ in Africa. Local legends speak of a large reptile (dinosaur?) That would inhabit its deep waters.

Pygmies and Bantu

PYGMIES. Living with the Babongo and Baka pygmies of the Congolese jungle.

BANTU. Meet the Vili Bantu of the Kouilou River.

Colonial Heritage

POINTE NOIRE. Economic capital and city with interesting colonialArt Deco buildings, a good private museum of traditional and contemporary Congolese art, white sand beaches and the nearby Kingdom of Loango with its king and post-colonial sects.

BRAZZA SAPEURS. Strolling along La Joie street (happiness) on a Friday afternoon is a pleasure for the senses. Men from the society of entertainers and elegant people (Sapeur) parade with rhythm and style to be seen and admired.

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