02 octubre - 11 octubre ( 9 días / 8 noches ) / From 4.300€

Exploratory trip to Southern Yemen. The objective is to visit historical towns such as Shibam and Seiyun but also explore remote small villages in Wadi Dawan region to learn about the local culture and try to photograph the elusive women and their unique traditional hairdos and outfits. We will end the trip in Al Mukalla, sea port in the Arabian Sea, an ideal place to end this adventure. Traveling to Yemen nowadays is a challenge but at Last Places we have experience in this destination and the best team to make this adventure happen.

The guide for this trip will be Joan Riera, an anthropologist, specialized in tribal minorities and vernacular architecture. More information about the guide.


Exploration of the old city (Al-Kathiri palace and Habid Ali Bin Mosque) and its surroundings with several Sufi shrines, such as the Ahmad Al-Habashi shrine (10km drive from Seiyun).


Historical town in Hadhramaut Valley. Tarim used to be a wealthy commercial city and prove of this are the several palaces (most of them in ruins nowadays) showing Indian and Neoclassic influences. These rich families financed mosques and madrassas that can be observed all throughout the old town. Near Tarim there is an interesting necropolis known as Aynat that we will try to visit.


Exploration of this amazing city with one of Yemen’s finest vernacular architectures. On the top of the mountain we will watch the beautiful sun set. We will go around Shibam to see the atmosphere of this old desert city.

Small rural villages

We will explore small rural communities and we will learn about popular culture of Wadi Dawan region– one of the largest Southern valleys full of date palms-. We will be able to observe local shepherdess wearing the traditional ‘madhalla’ hat, we will also visit bigger mud towns such as Al-Hajjarein and we we will see beautiful examples of vernacular architecture

Al Mukalla

We will explore the seaport, the fish market, the old city and its markets.

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