Trip to Equatorial Guinea from November 5th to 19th, 2022 (15 days / 13 days) / From 3.500€

Equatorial Guinea is a very special country. First of all, it is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa that speaks Spanish. Secondly, it is the least visited country in Africa. Finally, it is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of flora and fauna in relation to its size.

The trip to Equatorial Guinea that we propose is very complete. We will visit the Bioko Island and the Corisco Island. We will live with the last ethnic groups that still keep their culture alive in the interior of the country, we will make excursions through virgin nature (Bioko Island and Corisco Island) and we will enjoy colonial architecture (Malabo) and unique buildings (Church of Batete).

The guide will be Joan Riera, anthropologist specializing in African societies. Joan has known Equatorial Guinea for 20 years. More information about the guide.

Malabo urban tour

We will visit the colonial part of the city of Malabo: the Independence Square, the Cathedral, the Green House, the National Library, the Don Leandro Mbomio Museum and the Malabo central market. We will also explore the most popular neighborhoods where the heartbeat of the city is felt.

Bioko Island Exploration

On the way to Bioko Island we will try to visit the old Sampaka colonial farm, still dedicated to the exploitation of cocoa. We will also visit the small fishing village of Riaba. Here the archaeologists found numerous ceramic helmets with a particularly elegant decoration that could date from the S-X. We will discover some houses and administrative buildings of Spanish colonial origin that today form the essence of this town that now only has 250 to 300 inhabitants. Finally we will arrive at Moka, a mountain town where we will meet the Bubi ethnic group, the aborigines of the Bioko Island.

Excursion to the Ilachi Waterfalls

The Ilachi Waterfalls are one of the most spectacular attractions on the island of Bioko. Impressive for its location, where three separate branches of water from the Ilachi River fall over the edge of the canyon about 250 meters.

Visit to the unique Church of Batete

The main curiosity of the town of Batete is a church that dominates the entire region and is among the most unique religious buildings in the world. The Church of Batete is completely built in wood.


Bubi fishing village that, despite being Christianized for more than 100 years, retain some animist beliefs and are the last guardians of the original Bubi culture. We will admire some of the spectacular waterfalls that fall from the jungle mountains to the black sand beaches.

Visit to the city of Bata

Visit to the overcrowded city of Bata, the Capital of the Continental Region of Equatorial Guinea. It is located in a small bay. It is worth highlighting the visit to Bata the market, the cathedral, the palace promenade. The city offers a very lively nightlife.

We'll go deep into the fang country

The Fang tribe is the dominant Bantu ethnic group in the country since independence from Spain in 1968. After decades of cultural assimilation and missionary action, the Fang ethnic group has lost much of its ancestral culture. But in some towns in the interior, the Fangs preserve some pre-colonial practices. Music and dances with fang masks have survived in some villages. Our trip will pass through these towns to learn about this ethnic group as well as these cultural practices that have been preserved. The trip will continue until reaching Mongomo, a small city in the interior and its surroundings to learn about the reality of today's Equatorial Guinea.

Kogo Itinerary

Kogo is a small colonial city on the estuary of the Muni River. The dominant ethnic group is that of the Ndowes. We will visit the colonial buildings from the Spanish era and the communities of the Venga or Beach tribe.

Bwiti Masquerade Ball

Remontaremos con una piragua a motor el río Mitong, un afluente del Muni, hasta llegar a una comunidad aislada donde todavía sobrevive la antigua religión bantú conocida como Bwiti. Upon our arrival we will be received by the traditional chief of the village. We will have a reception with the powers that be in this remote region of inland Equatorial Guinea. After the welcome, we will visit the town and meet its people. We will have the luxury of witnessing a Bwiti ceremony, with music, dances and masks. We will introduce ourselves in pre-colonial Equatorial Guinea, when the world of spirits and the jungle marked vital times. We will make an excursion through the jungle accompanied by the village healer who will explain the properties of various plants and barks.

Expedition through the virgin Island of Corisco

Corisco Island is a still virgin Atlantic treasure. We will explore all its corners, paradisiacal landscapes and the come, aboriginal ethnic group of this Atlantic island. The Venga are a quiet tribe dedicated mostly to fishing. The environment invites you to rest. We can enjoy its virgin beaches and soft sunsets. You can take an excursion to Punta Hokko, a bank of white sand that can be walked at low tide with the sea on both sides. And for the most restless we recommend an excursion around the perimeter of the island of Corisco (about 5 hours of walking) in which spectacular corners are discovered.

Map of Equatorial Guinea

Below, you will find the map of Equatorial Guinea.

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