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Last Places has designed a trip to Nigeria with a specific itinerary to discover one of the most culturally diverse African countries. Guided by an anthropologist who has studied various ethnic groups in Nigeria, we will learn about their lifestyle and customs. The journey will start in the tropical southwest of Chad and end in the much drier north. We will start by exploring the impressive city of Lagos, of Yoruba culture. Later, crossing the Niger River, we will enter the Emirate of Bida, territory of the Nupes and other tribal minorities. The trip will end in the Emirate of Yola, a medieval fief in the XXI century, a base to explore the remote Alantika Mountains, a true African Last Place.

The tour guide will be Joan Riera, an anthropologist specialized in Nigerian ethnic groups. More information about the guide.

The impressive city of Lagos

Dugout canoe tour of the lacustrine neighbourhood of Makoko to observe how life in this part of the great Lagos is. After the visit, we will explore the Afro-Brazilian neighbourhood of Lagos Island and visit the National Museum, with interesting pieces of traditional Nigerian art.

Yoruba Country

Ancient city famous for its classical-Yoruba style Royal Palace and the so many yoruba houses and ”Aguda” houses of Afro-Brazilian style. Visit to the market of amulets and the temple devoted to Osun Deity.

We will visit several temples devoted to Esu and Shango deities and the Royal Palace ofHis Majesty the Alaafin of Oyo, who will present some Egungun dances (masks which represent the spirits of ancestors).

we will visit the house where the Austrian artist Suzanne Wenger lived. She is an admirer of Yoruba classical art and at the same time, through her own art itself, she tries to revitalize it.

Last Yoruba city, but in this specific case, governed by a Fulani Emir. Here, we can feel the Islamic influence. We will tour the central market and visit the ancient Sudan-style mud Mosque.

Bida Emirate

Bida is the political and cultural capital of the “Nupe Country”. We will visit the artisan’s neighbourhoods to learn about the ancient technics of making glass beads, metal objects and vegetable mats. Also, we will greet His Majesty in the Royal Palace, dating from the XVIII. We might be able to see a traditional Nupe masquerade.

Tribal minorities

Gwari ethnic group
We will attend an audience with the King of the Gwari. He will organize a Boori ceremony, when women and men go into trance.

Koma ethnic group
The Atlantika Mountains is a fertile and rather remote region, where the last tribe whose women cover their genitals with acacia leaves live.

Mbororo ethnic group

Map of Nigeria

Below, you will find the map of Nigeria.

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