Trip from 20 to 31 July 2024 (12 d. / 10 n.) / From 2.730€

The itinerary of this trip to Pakistan in July 2024 aims to discover the great historical, ethnographic and landscape treasures of the north of the country.

The trip will begin in the monumental city of Lahore, the capital of Punjab, the most populated region of the country. We will continue to the Islamabad plateau, where we will discover the ruins of Taxila, a city founded by Alexander the Great. We will spend a couple of days in the fabulous city of Peshawar, founded more than 2000 years ago. It is a key stop market of the silk road. We will walk through its streets to enjoy the Mughal and colonial architecture, as well as some palaces and Hindu temples.

Finally, we will climb into the Hindu Kush mountains to meet the remote tribal communities of the Kalash Valleys. This is the last region of the Himalayas where the animist religion is still alive. Along a mountain track, we will finally reach the isolated Nuristan, “the land of light”, near the border with Afghanistan. We will get to know the most unknown ethnic minority in Pakistan: the Nuristani. Despite becoming Muslims, they still maintain some traditions that distinguish them from their neighbors. Additionally, we will live with the Kalash tribe and learn about their daily lives and ancient traditions. We will enjoy its beautiful vernacular architecture and the aesthetics of women.

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The guide on this trip to Pakistan in July 2024 will be Shahid Rana, who has been traveling through the most remote areas of Pakistan for more than 30 years.

Discover the highlights of this trip to Pakistan in July 2024

► We will meet different ethnic groups in Pakistan

Kalash tribe

The Kalash tribe is the last ethnic group of animist religion in the Hindukush. The physical appearance of men and women is surprising (fair skin, green and blue eyes, many blondes and blondes ...). There is an unproven theory that they are descendants of soldiers of Central European origin who were part of the troops of Alexander the Great, who passed through this region on his way to India.

Nuristani tribe

Among the Nuristani traditions that they still maintain, the practice of buzkashi stands out. It consists of a sport in which riders fight over a dead goat. We will explore these two villages and try to see how they practice buzkashi.

Gypsies or Hana Badosh

The origin of the Gypsy or Romani nation is here, in Pakistan, according to historians and ethnographers. The Gypsies or Hana Badosh are nomads who set up camps on the outskirts of Peshawar, as well as in many other large Pakistani cities. They live doing marginal jobs and begging. We will visit a nomad camp to learn about its social reality. We will enjoy dancing and local music.

► We will discover historical cities of Pakistan


Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan and the second-most populous city in the country. We will visit bazaars, Mogul-style mosques, houses in the old town, the Badshahi Mosque (1647), and we will take an urban tour of the walled center of the city. In addition, we will visit two sites titled "World Heritage Sites": the Fort Complex, made up of several palaces, and the tombs of Jahangir, surrounded by Persian gardens.


During this trip to Pakistan in July 2024 we will have the opportunity to visit the ruins of Taxila, center of Gandhara culture. This was an ancient civilization that emerged from the encounter between Greece and India. We will visit the Jaulian monastery and the archaeological museum.


We will begin our tour of Peshawar at the gate of Kabul. From there, we will reach the storytellers' street and walk to the Mughal mosque. We will walk through the different market areas, as well as the old Hindu and Christian neighborhoods. Also, we will visit the National Museum, which displays interesting pieces from the Gandhara period and Kalash totems from the remote hills. Finally, we will move to the truck workshop, where artisans decorate all types of trucks so that they look beautiful and 'protect' them from accidents.

► We will enjoy the landscapes of the Kalash Valleys

We will pass through the impressive landscapes of the Kalash valleys, located in the Himalayan mountain range.

© Photos by Pau Clavero, Aníbal Bueno and Xavi de las Heras taken during trips to Pakistan.

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