Dates: Dec. 26th 2022 to Jan. 09th 2023 (15 d. / 13 n.) / From 2.800€

Trip designed to discover the most fascinating regions of Sudan. We will start in the Nubian desert, following in the footsteps of ancient civilizations forgotten over the centuries, we will continue through the border region of Kassala where we will enjoy very authentic tribal markets and we will end in the Nuba mountains, a region closed to tourism for decades and which It will allow us to discover unique cultures and landscapes. We will have the opportunity to meet the mythical Nuba, a tribe that Leni Riefenstahl placed in the collective imagination after her ethno-photographic work.

Throughout the trip we will travel in 4x4 vehicles, we will sleep in hotels and hostels and we will camp in the Bayuda Desert and in the Nuba Mountains.

The trip is designed for lovers of adventure, archaeology, traditional ethnic groups and the desert.If you want to know the detailed itinerary you can download it through the form that you will find below. Click here to easily reach the form.

The guide for this trip to Sudan will be Aníbal Bueno, ethno-photographer specialized in African tribes. More information about the guide.

Archeology and vernacular architecture

Pyramids of Meroe:
Clearly visible from the Khartoum-Atbara road, the pyramids of the Royal Cemetery of Meroe stand alone on a sandy ridge like a row of broken teeth. They are the most popular tourist attraction in Sudan and a must for any traveler who loves art, history, and beauty.

Sabu Jaddi rock carvings

Old Dongola:
It was an important city in medieval Christian Nubia that became a meeting point for caravans heading west from Darfur to Kordofan.

Ethnic diversity

It is an interesting city built by the Ottomans on the banks of the Gash River and surrounded by gigantic granite rocks (Taka Mountains). The Khatmiyah Mosque is the most famous landmark in this commercial and agricultural city close to the Eritrean border.

Other visits of interest:
Soleb Temple (dedicated to the Egyptian god Amun), El Kurru (with beautiful painted tombs) and Nuri Necropolis (with fabulous pyramids in different states of degradation).

Sabu Jaddi rock carvings

Visit the rock carvings of Sabu Jaddi, and a well-excavated Meroitic site with a new museum nearby to understand the importance of Neolithic urban structures in the Nile Valley 4,000 years ago.

Ethnic diversity

Along the itinerary we will be able to meet and live with various ethnic groups such as the Beja, Rashaida, Kunama, Baggara, Felata and Arab nomads.

Mythical people of the nubas

The Nuba are descendants of various tribal peoples who came from Nubia seeking refuge in the rocky hills of the area. They fled from the slavery of the Arab groups. The Nuba have mostly converted to Islam in the last 50 years, but retain some of their ancient traditions, such as dance, music and wrestling.

The trip is designed for lovers of adventure, archaeology, traditional ethnic groups and the desert.Click here to easily reach the itinerary download form.

Map of Sudan

Below, you will find the map of Sudan.

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