Live with the inhabitants of the last places on Earth

With its more than 60 languages and some 40 ethnic groups, Kenya offers much more than safaris in search of the big 5. Its rich cultural diversity, shaped in part by the different ecosystems, makes it attractive not only for the experienced traveler but for anyone who is interested in learning and deepening knowledge through direct contact with its people. Camping in their manyattas guarantees us a respectful and calm approach to this fascinating universe.

Ethnic richness

Turkana, Samburu, Dassanetch, Pokot, Maasai, Gabbra, Rendille, Yaaku, El Molo, etc. They are some of the ethnic groups that populate northern Kenya and make up an enormous cultural diversity.

Ornaments, necklaces and scarifications

Necklaces, earrings, anklets, headdresses, feathers, scarifications and more are what the different tribes use to identify themselves and at the same time to indicate the different vital states: married, single, warrior etc.

Diversity of materials and architectural styles

A quick glance at these constructions would lead us to a too simple conclusion: "They are just huts", we would think. But the truth is that these houses differ considerably from one tribe to another, and they are all very skillfully built in accordance with the climatic conditions and the natural materials available to them.

Safaris and beaches

Although it is not the primary objective of our trips, it should not be forgotten that Kenya has unique nature parks and game reserves that may well complement an ethnographic destination. It also enjoys a long coastline, and especially the Island of Lamu, of Swahili culture, with its world heritage capital according to UNESCO, gives it added value, especially to end a long trip on its white sand beaches.

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