An Island of Cultural Resistance with an unbending spirit

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Before its independence in 2011, South Sudan had been part of Greater Sudan and previously a region called Equatoria, ruled by the British. It was during colonization that this part of West Africa was declared a "Closed District". From 1916 to 1946, no roads, Western education, hospitals, or missions were allowed in that territory. These 30 years of isolation explain, in part, why we find tribal structures and traditions that have been lost in most of Africa. South Sudan is unique for its tribes, its wild and unspoiled nature and its unyielding spirit. The giant Dinka, Nuer and Mundari cattle camps are already a traveler myth.

The most isolated tribes of Africa

In South Sudan we will find the most unspoiled cultures in all of East Africa. There, the iconic Dinka and Mundari still live in their cattle camps and the incredible Larim women continue to scarify their bodies and faces.

Vernacular architecture still very alive

South Sudan is home to some of the best examples of vernacular architecture in Africa. Vernacular tribal architecture, unlike the rest of the African continent, continues to thrive in South Sudan. This is due to the fact that most tribes still live far from the globalizing currents and economic changes that have affected most African societies.

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