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Equatorial Guinea is a very special country. In the first place, it is the only Spanish-speaking country in Black Africa, since it was a Spanish colony. Secondly, it is the least visited country in Africa. Finally, it is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of flora and fauna in relation to its size.

The main objective of the trip is to capture the essence of this curious country in Central Africa. We will start the trip through the old Fernando Poo Island (Bioko Island), territory of the Bubis and Fernandinos (Creoles). The landscape of this volcanic island is of great natural beauty. We will hike through the forest to reach Ilachi Falls. We will enter the region of the Caldera de Luba (primary forest with endemic primates). We will delve into the ancient Bubi kingdom of Moka and visit traditional villages. We will also walk through the streets of old Malabo and visit buildings of colonial architecture.

We will jump to the old province of Río Muni, the continental part of the country. We will meet the Bantu ethnic groups that live on the coast and inland of Equatorial Guinea: the Fang and the Ndowé. We will immerse ourselves in the world of 'Bwitism'. This syncretic religion mixes elements of the primitive Fang animist religion with Catholic rituals. We will have the opportunity to witness a ceremony that mixes medical and initiation elements.

Throughout the trip we will enjoy different natural landscapes. We will value the colonial remains of the Spanish era to understand the different historical moments of the country. We will have the privilege of meeting different ethnic groups, as well as witnessing bwitis ceremonies and ancestral dances. If you want to know the detailed itinerary you can download it using the form that you will find below. Click here to easily reach the form.

We will travel by private bus, and we will take internal flights to go from Malabo to Bata.

The guide will be Marc Balagué, a biologist specializing in nature from Bioko and a great connoisseur of Equatorial Guinea. More information about the guide.

Bioko Island Exploration

Malabo city tour
We will walk through the streets of old Malabo and visit historic buildings. We will also explore the most popular neighborhoods where the heartbeat of the city is felt. We will investigate the ancestral beliefs and popular culture (fusion music and Creole dances).

Excursion to the Ilachi Waterfalls
The Ilachi Waterfalls are one of the most spectacular attractions on the island of Bioko. Impressive for its location, where three separate branches of water from the Ilachi River fall over the edge of the canyon about 250 meters.

Bubi fishing village. They still retain some animist beliefs and are the last guardians of the original Bubi culture. We will admire the landscape of black volcanic sand beaches that surround Ureka

Sampaka cocoa farm
It was founded in 1906, with the old colonial-type "house of the masters" in green-toned wood and Nordic pine. Sampaka is one of the few farms of colonial origin still in operation and for that alone, and also for its exceptional cocoa, it is worth visiting.

Visit to the unique Church of Batete
The main curiosity of the town of Batete is a church that dominates the entire region and is among the most unique religious buildings in the world. The Church of Batete is completely built in wood.

Continental part of the country

Visit to the city of Bata
Visit to the Capital of the Continental Region of Equatorial Guinea. It is located in a small bay. Of the visit to Bata, the market, the cathedral, the palace and the promenade should be highlighted.

We will meet the Ndowé tribe
Bantu fisherman and farmer group that preserves the masks for their traditional dances. We will greet the local authorities and settle in a Ndowé village.

We'll go deep into the fang country
The Fang tribe is the dominant Bantu ethnic group in the country since independence from Spain in 1968. After decades of cultural assimilation and missionary action, the Fang ethnic group has lost much of its ancestral culture. But in some towns in the interior, the Fangs preserve some pre-colonial practices. Music and dances with fang masks have survived in some villages. Our trip will pass through these towns to learn about this ethnic group as well as these cultural practices that have been preserved. The trip will continue until reaching Mongomo, a small city in the interior and its surroundings to learn about the reality of today's Equatorial Guinea.

Bwiti ceremony
We will approach the world of 'Bwitism', a syncretic religion that mixes elements of the primitive animist Fang religion with Catholic rituals. We will witness a ceremony that mixes medical and initiation elements by Bwiti priests.

The trip is designed for lovers of Africa, adventure, nature and ethnic groups.Click here to easily reach the itinerary download form.

Map of Equatorial Guinea

Below, you will find the map of Equatorial Guinea.

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