14th - 25th July 2023 (12 d. / 10 n.) / From 4.120€

Trip to D. R. of Congo, one of the least visited countries in Africa. The purpose of this ambitious trip is to get to know different ethnic minority groups, as well as the ecosystems that support them.

Near Mbandaka, we will meet the Nzambe Na Bakoko sect. We will go up the Congo River with a motorized canoe until we reach the isolated territory of the Balumbe tribe, also known as the 'sorcerer pygmies'. Once there, before entering the interior of the jungle, you will have to greet the Ngombe king to ask for his permission to visit the Balumbes. We will enter the jungle until we reach the Kingdom of Lompoko. There, we will learn about the culture of the Balumbe pygmies. We will return to Mbandaka to visit another tribal area. These lands will offer us the opportunity to meet the 'Walé' women of the Ntomba tribe, as well as the Batwa pygmies. As a farewell to Mbandaka, we will meet with members of the group 'Sapeur' (Society of Air Fresheners and Elegant People) or Dandis from the Congo.

We will have the opportunity to visit the religious community of Tata Gonda. In Kinshasa we will meet the renowned artists of the Kuba tribe. They are the most renowned artists in the Congo because of their quality of fiber weaves and beaded masks.

We will also look for the vestiges of the Belgian colonial legacy in the towns of Kinshasha, Mbandaka and Mbanza Ngungu. We will enjoy numerous examples of exquisite colonial architecture, although in many cases they are in a state of semi-abandonment.

During the route we will visit several provinces in a minibus, 4x4 vehicle and motor boat. Likewise, we will take several internal flights to travel from Kinshasa to the remote provinces. If you want to know the detailed itinerary you can download it through the form that you will find below. Click here to easily reach the form.

The guide for this trip to D. R. of Congo will be Joan Riera, anthropologist specializing in African societies. More information about the guide.

Amazing ethnic groups and sects

Our target is the isolated Bantu and Pygmy communities along the Congo River. Also, we will meet some local sects. After decolonization some sects appeared. Its are characterized by mixing ancient African beliefs with aesthetic Christian elements and liturgy.

Colonial heritage

Nzambe Na Bakoko sect

Ancient kingdoms

Ngombe tribe

Balumbe pygmies

Ntomba tribe


Tata wonda

Kuba tribe

Exquisite Belgian colonial architecture

Kinshasa is an African megacity with unique elements. We will also visit Kisantu town with its beautiful colonial architecture and the old Mbanza Ngungu train station.

Do you want to know the detailed itinerary of the trip?

This trip to the D. R. of Congo is designed for lovers of cultures and religions, architecture enthusiasts and adventurers. Click here to easily reach the itinerary download form.

Map of Congo, Democratic Republic

Below, you will find the map of Congo, Democratic Republic.

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