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Bharat Patel had his first camera which was passed down to him by his brother. First images recorded through the lens of Canon FT included images of friends and family and travels during the University days. From those early beginnings a passion for travel and later documentary photography developed and remains an enduring favourite some of which is featured in this selection. His work is mostly self supported.

Bharat with the Konyak People

For many years, Bharat had a wide photographic interest which covered landscapes, street, portrait, and travel. Over the last 12 years his focus has turned to “Photography for a purpose”. This is when he started documentary photography of social issues which included tribes in Africa and India. His well-known documentary work includes the transgenders of India, Nomadic Tribes of India, Women in the construction industry, Brick Kiln workers amongst others. He prefers to call his work as “documenting” rather than photographing. He presents his work both in colour and black and white which he prints using pure carbon inks for its archival properties.

Ndenguelengo woman with pipe

Ndenguelengo teenager with traditional teenage Hairstyle

Bharat came across Joan Riera Riera on social media and was immediately attracted to what Last Places was doing. Joan and Bharat developed a mutual respect, Joan for his knowledge in Anthropology and Bharat for his photographic style. His first trip with Last Places was in 2018 to Angola and he was impressed with their knowledge and familiarity with the tribes of Angola. His second visit was in 2022 when he took photographers as a workshop. Having lived in Brazil for many years, Bharat is fluent in Portuguese and so can directly communicate with some of the tribal members in Angola. He hopes to conduct more trip with Last Places. South Sudan and some other locations are next on the list.

Potrait of a Humbi girl before a Fico ceremony

Bharat has been a member of the Royal Photographic Society for almost 15 years and during that time achieved recognition within the Society and outside, picking up awards and prizes including numerous honorary mentions in international competitions. His photographic works have been published in the Black and White Photography Magazine, Contemporary Journal of the RPS and AAP magazine and also regularly holds exhibitions. Bharat has Associateship from Royal Photographic Society and Distinction award from The Photographic Alliance of Gt. Britain.

Portrtait of a Plain Muila woman and young Hakaona girl

Outlook on Bharat’s work is best summed up by his quote: “Photography has become my tool to discover, document and ultimately portray the mortal world around us. I want to save it for the future”. His work has been influenced by many documentary photographers past and present, including Sebastiao Salgado, Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, Edward Curtis and, more recently, Martin Parr. Bharat brings his own style to ethnic tribal photography which is both ethical respectful and alluring. Bharat is based in Oxford, UK.

Cubal brothers

Portrait of a Himba woman

Young Tua girl excited to be photographed.

Cubal woman with traditional head covering

Two Konyak headhunters in conversation

Tua children playing

Portrait of a Cais girl

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